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Everything You Need To Know About Taking Your Family On A Luxury Cruise

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Sometimes, what you really need as a parent is a break away from it all. A little bit of luxury to help you rest and recharge. Of course, even if you get such a chance, you will need to take the kiddos along for the ride. Something that may not be quite as challenging as you would think. In fact, with the guide below, you can learn everything you need to about taking the whole family on a luxe cruise and make sure that everyone, not just the kids, has a wonderful time. 

Family Luxury Cruise Sea

Do pack everyone’s best outfits as well as their swimmers. 

Before we start to discuss the cruise proper, there will be some preparation that you need to do. In particular, getting the packing right can really improve the experience everyone has once they are onboard the ship. 

With that in mind, try to resist the urge to let the kids pack their own suitcases unsupervised. Unless you want to arrive onboard, only to discover that they have a case full of Lego, and Paw Patrol figures rather than the clothes they will need. 

Talking of clothes, be sure that you pack multiple swimsuits, for you and the kids. After all, there will be a swimming pool and a hot tub onboard. Oh, and those travelling to warmer climates will want to spend time on the beach when they disembark as well. 

Although, be sure it’s not just swimsuits that you pack. After all, there are plenty of opportunities to get dressed up when you are cruising with live shows, music, and fancy dinners all on offer. 

Also, be mindful that not every luxury cruises go to places where the weather is hot. However, no matter what your location, making sure that you have sun protection for the whole family packed is essential. Especially as this is one of the items that can be a little pricey to purchase when you get onboard. 

Don’t worry about not having enough room. 

For families that have not cruised before, the idea of being stuck in a small space together for a long time can seem a little daunting. However, you will be pleased to note that booking accommodation designed especially for families should negate this. 

In fact, many cruise liners let you not only choose the type and size or room or suite that you would like, but you can pick the location on the ship that you will stay as well. Something that can be very useful indeed for parents that would rather be close to facilities like the pool or restaurants to ensure it’s easy as possible to tend to the kids. 

Don’t worry about the kids getting bored onboard. 

Next, when it comes to taking your family on a luxury cruise, you may think that you need to stuff your carry-ons with colouring books and toys. After all, you won’t want the little ones getting bored and restless, now will you. 

The good news here is that a cruise is actually one of the best types of breaks there are for keeping the kiddos entertained. In fact, with provides like Bolsover Cruise Club offering voyages on ships equipped with onboard putting greens, rock climbing walls, and even in some cases, ice rinks. The little ones are much more likely to tire themselves out before they get bored. 

Family Luxury Cruise Deck

Of course, there are the fitness, dance, and cooking classes to consider too. Something that you can all do as a family if you so choose. 

Do set aside some kid-free time for yourself. 

One of the best things about taking the family on a high-end cruise is that there is often childcare included in the form of kid’s clubs and even night nurseries. What this means is that dedicated parents can set aside some time that is uninterrupted and just for them. 

Of course, the good thing about this is that you won’t have to look far to find some activities and entertainment suited more toward the adult crowd. In fact, most cruise ships have multiple bars and shows for a mature audience. While some even have casinos and adults-only relaxation and spa area where you can properly let your hair down. All the time, knowing that the kids are being safety taken acre of only a small distance away. 

Don’t forget to get off the ship, occasionally! 

Now, with all that luxury and fun to get caught up in onboard, it may seem tempting just to stay in the ship. However, when cruising, one of the most enjoyable things is to get off the boat and explore. 

You will often find that your provider will offer organised excursions to places of interest, or to locations where specific activities are being offered. In fact, the best cruises provide a range of different trips, many of which are designed specially to be suitable for families. Something that means they can enjoy them together as a group. 

Family Luxury Cruise

Remember, too, that you usually can book all of your excursions before you even set foot onboard the ship. This being helpful as it allows you to really consider what you would like to do as a whole family. Something that will make sure that everyone gets a chance to do what they want to do and see what they want to see. 

Do feel free to enjoy your break as a family. 

Finally, to really enjoy your luxury cruise as a family, you need to embrace the luxe. After all, who deserves it more than a dedicated parent? With that in mind, don’t be afraid to try out some of the more luxurious services you will find onboard such as a pillow menu, or in-cabin massages. 

Don’t limit yourself to always eating at the buffet, either. Just because it’s easier to manage with the kids. Instead, make sure that you get a chance to wear those glad rags you packed, and experience the five-course sit-down meals as well. After all, if you have paid for the luxe treatment, you and all the family might as well enjoy it! 

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