Four Things That Regular Businesses Do That Freelancers Should Try To Imitate

Freelancers have much more freedom when it comes to how they run their company and can customise their processes a lot more than a standard business. As a result, it can be much more relaxing to be a freelancer since you’re usually not tied down to industry standards and can generally run your company however you want.

But there are still a couple of practices that regular businesses follow that freelancers should try to imitate. This can make your freelance business seem more professional, it will draw in more customers, and it can ultimately set you apart from the competition. So here are four things that regular businesses do that freelancers should attempt to imitate.

Putting a heavy emphasis on customer service

Although freelancers are usually the sole worker in their business, it’s still important to offer impeccable service that is as high-quality as possible. Placing a heavy emphasis on customer service is something that businesses focus on because they’re physically able to with all their staff, but that doesn’t mean a freelancer shouldn’t also aim to develop great relationships with their customers and offer great customer service. Work on your communication skills and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile for each client.

Attending events and coming prepared with promotional items

Freelancers tend not to attend events because they usually don’t have much to offer compared to larger companies. However, it’s becoming more common for sole entrepreneurs and freelancers to attend events and even have their own booth. If you’re planning to go to an event and network with potential clients, then it’s best to carry items with you such as promotional bags to get your name out there, or even business cards so you have an easier time exchanging information with others in the event.

Generating as much value as you can from a single customer

Businesses focus on generating as much value as they can from a single customer because they need to build all the profit they can to optimise their interactions with customers. Freelancers tend to not think about this because they have more freedom picking and choosing who they work with as they can only fulfil a certain number of orders due to the lack of staff. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be offering more services and add-on features to help expand your services and also generate more revenue per customer.

Managing staff with more formality

When it comes to managing your staff, freelancers tend to take a very relaxed approach which results in a much more laid-back business operation. However, this can eventually lead to problems despite it creating a comfortable culture. Employees do need to be managed more formally if you’re growing your business and you can’t give them completely free reign, especially if you want to seem more professional. It’s fine to be relaxed with how you handle your staff, but remember that the people working for you are paid to do their job and should be managed accordingly.

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