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Why You Should Child-Proof Your Garden With An Artificial Lawn

Whilst it’s near on impossible to prevent little ones from getting in to mischief, there are ways to make your gardens more fun and safer for the little ones in your life.

Here, New Lawn Artificial Grass give you the low down on way artificial lawns are the way forward for family gardens and why you should consider one to keep your household happy.

A Lawn For All Seasons

With a natural lawn, our garden spaces are generally only good for playtime in the summer. And with the unpredictable Great British weather, this isn’t always a given.

One of the biggest plus points of an artificial lawn is the fact that they’re good for all-round, all-weather use.

Unlike natural lawns, they don’t get churned up, get muddy or develop pot holes that can put the brakes on outdoor play. As they’re designed with a perforated backing for more efficient draining, rainwater quickly runs away, and the surface of the lawn dries quickly so kiddies can get out there after showers without fear of ruining the lawn.

Not only that but they remain consistent no matter the season, so whether we’re enjoying a prolonged period of sunshine or the weather just can’t make up its mind, an artificial lawn is always ready for playtime regardless of precipitation.

Safe and Easy to Maintain

Owners of a natural lawn will be familiar with the struggle of keeping it safe and good looking. Falling leaves, puddles and troublesome pets can result in the ground becoming slippy underfoot, which doesn’t make for an effective play space.

Artificial lawns cut down time spent maintaining the lawn and maximise the opportunities for getting in the great outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. Water drains away with no effort whatsoever and maintenance generally involves brushing the grass to prevent it from becoming flat and raking away any fallen leaves.

As the backing used in installing fake grass is usually weed resistant, you will find no nasties growing in an artificial lawn which eliminates the need to use nasty chemicals, pesticides or weed killers to keep it functional. Not only this but, if you have pets that like to do their business on the lawn, urine simply drains away with no attention needed and faeces can be picked up and discarded with no detriment to the lawn whatsoever.

Pets and children alike will hardly notice the difference between natural lawns and artificial grass, but when it comes to safety, you’ll feel the benefits from day one.

If your little ones are into sports or enjoy spending time making use of climbing frames, swings or trampolines, there are a wealth of add-ons and features that can be incorporated into the lawn to make it safer and easier to use for playtime. For example, shock pads or foam underlays can be installed beneath artificial grass that meet European safety standards for falls from heights to make your garden safer than it has even been. Trampolines can also be ‘sunk’ into artificial grass to minimise their height which makes for even safer enjoyment of such equipment.

Year-Round Garden Beauty

This isn’t so much for the kids but for you. If you’ve ever looked out in despair of your lawn and wondered when you’re going to find the time to restore it to its former glory, then an artificial lawn could be the perfect pick for you.

The aesthetics of fake grass generally remain consistent throughout the year and the UV resistant materials used in its production means that it won’t fade even after the sunniest of summers. Not only this, but it won’t grow out of control or require frequent cutting in the growing season, which means more time to enjoy your garden and your kids when the opportunity arises.

In short, artificial grass is a great option for the family garden and many households are now catching on to the idea with great enthusiasm. New Lawn Artificial Grass pride themselves on supplying and installing high-quality artificial grass products, and our dedicated team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you’re looking for advice on artificial grass, or want to check out the ranges on offer, you can head over to the website to order a variety of free samples to test or read up on what we have to offer.

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