Feeling At Your Best, Every Single Day

Feeling At Your Best, Every Single Day

Life isn’t always easy, especially at the moment.
For some of us lockdown means we just don’t have the energy or vibrancy that we’d like to have. On days like these, it can feel as if everything is a long and arduous process; we don’t work as well, we don’t want to prepare meals, and we’re just generally waiting for the day to end. But what if there was a way to push yourself to feel your best, every single day? Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best methods for nudging yourself in the right direction. There’ll always be things that can derail your day, but these actions will help you to wrestle back some control. 

Tranquil Beginnings

They say that you should start as you mean to go on. So the question is: how are you starting your day? If it’s continually a frantic and chaotic experience, then you can’t be too surprised if that’s how the rest of your day feels. While time is at a premium in the morning, it’s important to take some time to get the day started on the right foot. Look at waking up slightly earlier and preparing yourself slowly. You’ll feel a lot better if you have some time to enjoy breakfast and a cup of green tea.

Sweat it Out

If you wake up feeling a little low energy, then there’s a magic cure that’ll have you ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you: working up a sweat. It doesn’t have to be anything overly strenuous or long; a simple ten minute run will be enough to get the heart rate up and have you sweating. It’ll be the last thing you want to do when you wake up, but you’ll be oh so grateful for your efforts when you’re back home.

Cold Showers and Meditation

There are two more things you should try to make part of your morning schedule: cold showers and meditation. Again, these are things that people usually don’t want to do, but it is worth it. A cold shower is, admittedly, uncomfortable when you’re in there, but it can be euphoric when you get out; you’ll have a buzz that lasts for hours. Meditation helps you to centre yourself, and take control of the day before you set off out into the world.

Taking Care of Problems

Sometimes, everything can be going just fine, but then, from nowhere, we face problems that can derail our day. You could develop a headache or heartburn, for example. As such, it’s recommended to keep some aspirin and heartburn relief tablets in your bag, just in case. You’ll hope that you don’t need them, but will be oh so happy they’re with if you do.

Moments of Joy 

Finally, look at adding some moments of joy to your day, every single day. We’re prone to simply going through the motions, but if you can add a couple of things that make you smile to your routine, then you’ll be onto a winning day. 


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